"Saules aptieka" LLC holds a medicinal product wholesale licence,
which is required to purchase, store and distribute medicine and other medicinal products.



Modern 1000 m² medicine warehouse in Riga is providing
the highest quality standards in the Baltic region.



Complete pharmaceutical care at the highest level.



The Internet service of "Saules aptieka". You can buy OTC medicaments,
cosmetics and other goods for your health with home delivery.



“Saules aptieka” LLC office



Our pharmacists care that the medicine is as safe and effective as possible for all patients who turn to us.

Personal attitude

We are really interested in the needs of the client, so we provide the medicine prescribed by a doctor together with professional information.


“Saules aptieka” is interested in innovations in the industry. Our value is pharmacists who constantly take care of their personal professional development.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the medicines are prepared in the Saules aptieka pharmacy at Brīvības iela 68, thus reducing the duration of preparation of medicines.

Preparation of medicine usually takes up to 24 hours. However, we look objectively at the demand for a variety of medicines, such as flu syrups in the cold season, and such medicines will be available immediately or the preparation time will only be a few hours. The preparation of more time-consuming products, such as capsules, can take up to five working days.

There may be situations where a particular medicine is available only in our pharmacy, since Saules aptieka has specialised in the procurement of unregistered medicines for nearly 20 years. The medicine market in Latvia is very small. This creates specific conditions in the pharmaceutical sector, which results in a limited range of medicines available in Latvia, and many nationally registered medicines are not registered due to high costs. In such situations, ordering medicines from another country is therefore the only way to provide this medicine to the patient.

A very large number of unregistered medicines is available immediately. On average the delivery time could be around two weeks.

No, Saules aptieka at Brīvības iela 68 closes at 22:00.

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